Department of Labour Inspection, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance

Address: 12 Apelli, Nicosia Cyprus 1080
Tel. +357 22405623
Fax. +357 22663788
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The Department of Labour Inspection (DLI) is a Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. The Department comprises six sectors:

•    the safety and health and machinery sector
•    the field operations sector
•    the industrial pollution control sector
•    the air quality sector
•    the radiation protection sector and
•    the chemical substances sector

The Air Quality Sector (AQS) is responsible for the monitoring, assessment and management of the air quality in Cyprus. The Sector is running the National Air Quality Network consisting of nine stations fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments. The results of the measurements obtained from the nine stations are published online on the website ( In addition, information on issues related on the air quality in Cyprus is published through indoor/outdoor electronic information panels. Furthermore, DLI has upgraded its calibration laboratory to the standards of a NRL, which is in the process of being accredited according to the EN17025 standards. This NRL covers also the needs for the measurements of the suspended particles (PM10, PM2.5).

The DLI has implemented a contract with the University of Thessaloniki for the purchase of services for the development of emission inventory which contains the development of a database of emissions of air pollutants as well as the purchase, the installation and the operation of a software for the simulation and the forecast of the air quality. The aim of this emission inventory was the collection of data for the emission per pollutant, the sources which emit these air pollutants, the spatial distribution of these sources so that to reduce the uncertainty of the assessments but also for the DLI to be able to take targeted measures for their reduction. Further, the DLI has installed and is running the AirWare air quality management system. The DLI capabilities thus include air quality assessments as well as Nowcasting, forecasting and Scenario Analysis.



Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd

Address: 2 J. Grypari Str., 1st Floor Trust House, Nicosia Cyprus 1090
Tel. +357 22660482
Fax. +357 22660516
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ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus ltd is a private company specializing in environmental management and impact assessment. Among others the company has been involved in several strategic projects for the Cyprus government as well as EU funded projects including a project for the establishment of the an air quality now casting and forecasting system for the Competent Authorities in Cyprus, the government funded project “Establishment of Sustainable Management Policy for the development of the mineral wealth of Cyprus’ where ATLANTIS was responsible for establishing an environmental policy, the Risk Assessment for the Amiantos asbestos Mine, and several EIAS involving air quality impacts from projects. Recently Atlantis participated in an EIA project for the removal of rocket fuels from military sites in Ukraine, where Atlantis personnel was responsible for the air quality risk assessment.

Also the company participated in several LIFE Third Country funded projects: Project CYNOISE for the implementation of the Noise Directive in Cyprus, Project URBANGUARD for the development of a decision support system for urban sustainability indicators, and the LIFE Nature Project ‘COMANACY’ for the protection of 5 Natura 2000 Sites in Cyprus.

Lastly the company has participated in two Eureka funded research projects (AidAir and WebAir) for the development, testing and implementation of integrated air quality management models.

Atlantis employs 9 people in the fields of biology, soil science, environmental science, agronomy, engineering and economics. The average annual turnover of ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus ltd is around 350000 Euro per year.


Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is a the second state University in Cyprus (founded at 2004).  The Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics goal is high-quality scientific instruction and the furthering of research and applications relevant to the areas of civil and environmental engineering, and Geomatics. The Department awards a degree in the following paths of study: Civil Engineering or Land Surveying-Geomatics. The Remote Sensing & Geo-informatics research group / lab of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics main research activities are in the following areas: use of geo-informatics and satellite remote sensing for environmental surveillance studies (air pollution, water resources, coastal management, water quality, irrigation management, meteorology, floods, climate changes etc.). The Remote Sensing & Geo-informatics research group / lab ( has already participated in national, European and international funded projects. The Director of  The Remote Sensing & Geo-informatics research group  is Dr Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis (Associate Professor).

Address: 2-8 Saripolou, Achilleos I Building, 1st Floor, 3036 Lemesos, P.O.Box 50329, 3603 Lemesos, Cyprus
+357 25 002548
+357 25 002661
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Aristoteleio Panepistimio Thessalonikis

Address: Administration Building, University Campus, Thessaloniki 54124
Tel. + 30 2310 996000
Fax. +30 2310 996012
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The Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering (LHTEE) of the ARISTOTELEIO PANEPISTIMIO THESSALONIKIS has a long experience in the assessment of air quality at all scales and source apportionment via modelling techniques, through its involvement in various European funded projects which have addressed relevant issues, such as:

  • SATURN (Studying Atmospheric Pollution in Urban Areas) - A subproject of EUROTRAC-2, the main objective of which was to substantially improve our ability of establishing source-receptor relationships at the urban scale. Our main contribution was the co-ordination and multi-scale air pollution modelling.
  • TRAPOS (Optimization of Modeling Methods for Traffic Pollution in Streets). The main objective of the project was the improvement and optimisation of the methods that are used for modelling of traffic pollution in streets, while our contribution focused on advanced numerical modelling for several street-canyon configurations, investigation of vehicle induced turbulence, buoyant effects, due to the differential heating of the street canyon walls, chemical reactions with small time scales.
  • CITY - DELTA European Modelling Exercise (An Inter-comparison of long-term model responses to urban-scale emission-reduction scenarios). The main objective of this project was to perform model inter-comparisons in order to assess the performance of available models and compare them against available observational data, using their findings to assist air-quality managers in quantifying the contribution of regional versus local sources and in identifying and assessing the most effective emission controls.
  • NEEDS (New Energy Externalities Developments for Sustainability), which aimed at the evaluation of the full costs and benefits of energy policies, both at the level of individual countries and for the enlarged EU as a whole. Our institution was involved in the improvement of atmospheric modelling, as well as of methodology and tools for the impact pathway assessment, application and quality assessment.
  • Air4EU (Air quality assessment for Europe: from local to continental scale) the main aim of which was to thoroughly review the benefits and drawbacks of existing modelling and monitoring methods for different spatial and temporal scales. Our contribution lied on the assessment of the air quality assessment at the urban/agglomerate scale. In this context, a case study on the contribution of local resuspension in Athens air pollution load was performed.


Environmental Software and Services GmbH

Address: Kalkgewerk 1 PO Box 100  A-2352 Gumpoldskirchen  AUSTRIA
Tel. +43(0)6642451399
Fax. +43(0)2252633059 
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Environmental Software & Services GmbH (ESS) was founded in 1995 as a direct continuation of the Advanced Computer Applications (ACA) project of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria. The primary mission of ESS is to bring the best available scientific knowledge to bear on environmental planning management, and policy problems, using state-of-the-art information technology. ESS designs, develops, and deploys customized environmental information systems, and provides training and continuing support worldwide. In addition to its work for numerous institutional and industrial clients world wide, ESS has been participating in a number of research projects in the 4th, 5th and 6thFramework and specific scientific web portals were developed. Recently, ESS has been leading the INCO-MPC project OPTIMA (follow up to INCO-MED SMART) as coordinator, as well as HITERM (Esprit 22723) on High Performance Computing or Technological Risk Management and A-TEAM (IST 1999-10176): Advanced Training System for Emergency Management. The company operates a cluster of dedicated web, data base and application servers (more than 60 CPUs) with a combined storage capacity approaching hundred Terabytes, and the corresponding backup systems of several high-capacity tape robots. Internet access is through a dedicated private 8 Mb Ether connection.

This project is supported by the European Commission under the LIFE+ Environment and Governance Programme.

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